2019 Eastern US YHEC Regional Event update

Post date: Jun 20, 2019 4:52:7 PM

The 2019 Eastern US YHEC Regional Event is fast approaching. If you are interested in going but haven't registered yet there is still time even though the June 15th deadline has passed. If you or your group is still interested please email: YHEC@SullivansSharpshooters.org so we can expedite the process.

Here are a few more updates. Please remember this is a work in progress so some things may change. Also don't forget to check out previous posts on our "News" page with some essential information.

There will be a couple of different food vendors, one of which we used for our NY State YHEC Event on June 1st. The price of meals is not included in the registration fee. You are free to arrange for your own meals if you like. We have tried to arrange for a couple of different food vendors so there is something for everyone. Please support them with your purchases if you can.

We will have bottled water and sports drinks available at each venue similar to YHEC Nationals. You are free to bring coolers and your own beverages. Please note that no alcoholic beverages will be sold, possessed or consumed at event locations during the competition.

Each of the eight YHEC events will be present and conducted in accordance with the latest National YHEC rules, though as always some changes may need to be made. If so, this will be communicated to participants and coaches. Muzzleloader and 22 disciplines will use steel knockdown targets just like those used at Nationals. Archery will be 3D targets. Shotgun will be a sporting clays course with the number of shots yet to be determined. The number of shots at Muzzleloader has also yet to be determined. We are trying to make sure we have enough time to complete each event based on the number of participants. A schedule with team assignments and event rotations won't be completed until a few days before the event.

Checks for registration fees should be made out to: NY YHEC Committee, inc   We can also accept credit cards, please see the registration form for details.

This event will be the first time that I know of that any group has attempted to mirror YHEC Nationals. We hope everything will run smoothly but know that there will be some unanticipated issues and we may need your assistance and understanding. We hope that all attending will keep this in mind and bear with us as we try to make it run smoothly. With YHEC Nationals being an uncertainty we hope this event can be a suitable addition to the YHEC program and that it can continue until no longer needed. This is an NRA YHEC sanctioned event.

Please help keep the spirit of YHEC strong with your support of local, state, and regional YHEC programs.

Further information will be posted to our website: WWW.SullivansSharpshooters.org

Richard Wilkinson