Info for the 2013 Southern Tier Outdoor Show Shotgun event

Post date: Oct 12, 2012 4:56:33 PM

Shotgun Flurry or "Flushing" event -  Help us make it a SAFE and successful event. As such there is some important info you should know.

SAFETY is #1. Anyone acting in an unsafe manner, engaging in horseplay, or other conduct that interferes with the running of this event will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given for this. We are sportsmen and women and act accordingly.

ALL Federal and NYS  firearms laws apply to this event as well as NYS Penal law provisions dealing with dangerous and unsafe conduct.

- If you plan on participating in this, bring your own shotgun. It MUST be unloaded when bringing it to the show grounds and should be in some type of case. Ask the gate attendants to direct you to the shotgun event area.

- Shotguns must be taken to the shotgun event area and checked in. DO NOT carry them around the event.

- Whenever the firearm is being handled it will be unloaded and in a safe condition, with the barrel pointed in a safe direction.

- Semi automatic, and pump action shotguns must be unloaded and have the bolt/action open.

- Bolt action shotguns must be unloaded and have the bolt/action open. If equipped with a removable magazine, it must be removed until on the firing line.

- Break action shotguns shall be unloaded and open

- No firearm will be loaded until you are on the firing line and ready to shoot.

- This is a shotgun event only and no other type of firearm is allowed.

- You may bring your own ammunition, though there will be some ammunition on-site for purchase.

- Ammunition should be consistent with what is used for Skeet/Trap/Sporting Clays ( #7 shot down to #9 1/2 shot)

- Bring a government issued photo ID, it will only be used to ensure the proper person gets their gun.

- No Guns will be left on the event grounds overnight.

- If you bring a firearm to the event and leave it in your vehicle, only you are responsible for it.

Only you are responsible for your conduct, if you see unsafe conduct, report it to event staff. Anyone may call a ceasefire if necessary. If a ceasefire is called, all participants will "unload" their firearms and not continue until event personnel give the all clear signal.

As always these rules are subject to change.