Firearms information for persons attending our shoot.

Post date: May 23, 2013 6:18:41 PM

New York State passed new legislation recently that significantly affects your rights to possess firearms and associated accessories in New York. The "New York SAFE"  act is in addition to other restrictive laws already in place. Whether we agree with them or not, they are the law in NY.

For more complete information you may go to the following websites:

www.Troopers.NY. gov

Some highlights:

You may not possess any firearms magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

You may not have more than 7 rounds loaded in ANY magazine, unless you are at an incorporated firing range or competition.

Any Semi-automatic firearm may be considered an assault weapon based on it's features, regardless of caliber.

Example: A Ruger 10-22 with a thumb-hole stock is considered an assault weapon and has to be registered

You MUST have a NYS Pistol Permit if you possess a handgun in New York State. New York State DOES NOT honor Pistol Permits from any other state.