2019 NY State YHEC Event details

Post date: May 28, 2019 4:45:49 PM

Upon arrival coaches should come to the scoring table located in the upper clubhouse to pick up their score books, meal tickets, schedules, and any other materials.

A brief coaches meeting will be held at 7:45am to address any questions or issues. If you think of any before then please email us. 

At 8am we will have a meeting with all participants, coaches, volunteers and interested parties out side the upper clubhouse near the flagpole.

We anticipate starting the written Hunter Responsibility Exam at 8:30am consisting of approximately 50 questions. As soon as all participants have finished we will start the individual events.

This year we will have a caterer providing meals to all. This was a last minute change due to logistics so please bear with us. We reached an agreement with them to provide a couple fixed price meal options though they may offer more options for a higher price. 

We will be using the latest YHEC Nationals Rule Book as guide, though there may be changes or modifications which will be explained at each event location. We will have shotgun and 22 ammunition available at no cost for participants to use if desired, otherwise participants may use their own, consistent with YHEC Nationals Rules.

Volunteers are at a premium this year though we hope to have enough, but please be prepared to assist if necessary to make this event a success. Keep the YHEC spirit.

Event Coordinators are responsible for the operations and conduct of their event. Question should be addressed to them before the event starts or immediately as they arise. SAFETY is our first consideration

I know there may be circumstances or issues that arise that we did not foresee. Please bring any to the attention of the Event Coordinator Richard Wilkinson. We hope that they will be few and minor.

This event will take place rain or shine so please be prepared. Good luck to all who will participate.